Travel at the best age

Traveling when you are senior usually means being in no hurry to meet new, different, yet similar places and cultures. It also means having more “baggage” of life and stories that enrich the cultural exchanges that occur every time we dare to venture.

As far as tourism is concerned, there are some aspects that we should always consider when receiving elderly people, such as: the pace adopted in the tours and proposed tours, accessibility to monuments and places, health care network and outpatient emergency, assistance in organizing schedules and special needs.

Portugal and Spain are destinations in Europe that are highly sought after by seniors. This search is due to the fact that both countries have several cities, museums and monuments that tell the rich history and local culture. In addition, the mild climate, the charming landscapes and the appetizing cuisine attract people of all ages and the whole world. Among Brazilians this number grows even more because of the familiarity with the language and customs that are very similar. If you prefer to travel alone but do not want to be lonely during your outings choose to join small groups or hire a guide to accompany you on personalized tours.

There are many possibilities for travel itineraries in the Iberian peninsula for the elderly. Ibero Turismo suggests, among several, a tour through Andalusia (South Spain) or visit the regions of Ribatejo, Alentejo and Douro in Portugal.

Another advantage in traveling in the third age are the discounts and promotions in tickets of access to varied museums and tourist attractions

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